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Environmental Friendly Food Box Package

No Straw Notice, July 2019. When we made a policy to scrap all straws, plastic or paper, two years ago, we had to put up signs to explain why straws are no good. Even then, we received a lot of complaints.That was then.....no in updating the shop notices, we can put a much simpler and cleaner version of this sign. No explanations needed. Just simply say "No Straw Provided". Public awareness has come a long way.

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Corporate Services

Good BBQ offers executive Bento with siu mei and other no MSG food box every day. Both available for takeaway or delivery, perfect for all corporates.

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Fat Burning Lunch Box

Launched Meal sets targeting fitness conscious customers with macro nutritional information listed for the sets. Fat burning lunch box helps you buff-up, lean down or lose weight.

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